Trius Advocaten

Bert Verhaeghe

Bert Verhaeghe was born in Izegem on 14 March 1982.


He attended Sint-Jozefscollege in Wervik and Sint-Jozefinstituut in Kortrijk, completing his secondary education in 2000 in the Economics and Mathematics curriculum.


After taking the first two years of his degree at KULAK in Kortrijk, Bert obtained his Master of Laws with distinction from KU Leuven in 2005. During the final year of his degree course, Bert spent six months studying at the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris.


Bert started his traineeship at Trius Advocaten in October 2005, and has since gained 15 years of experience as a lawyer at the bar of West Flanders.  


During his first years as a lawyer, he also spent five years as an assistant lecturer at the KULAK Faculty of Law.


Today Bert has considerable experience of contracting and construction law, guiding architects, contractors and/or clients through all the phases of the construction process. He can also defend your interests in criminal, traffic and liability cases with the required expertise. Meanwhile, Bert has also developed a particular interest in administrative law and the issues involved in spatial planning and urban development. He continues to closely follow developments in general obligations and contract law. 


Besides his work as a lawyer, Bert Verhaeghe is also committed to political work. Bert is the deputy mayor of the town of Wervik and will be mayor from 2023 onwards. 


Preferred areas of speciality

  • Contracting and construction law
  • Criminal law
  • Traffic law
  • Liability law
  • Administrative law
  • Spatial planning and urban development
  • Law of obligations and contract law