Trius Advocaten


We take great care to ensure that our fees are transparent and fair. From your very first contact with us you will know exactly what fees will be applied.


Professional fees

The fees charged for our professional services are calculated according to an hourly rate. This rate may vary according to the experience and the area of expertise of the lawyer handling your case.

Professional fees can also be agreed for the collection of non-contested, outstanding invoices in accordance with the value of the invoice concerned. In such cases a degressive fee scale is applied.

In case, with a view to the realization of a particular project (for example, a legal audit of his company, revision of contracts, revision of corporate documents, assistance in the sale or take-over purchase of a company, ...) a client requires intensive assistance during a certain period of time, specific arrangements can be made regarding the fees in the framework of such project files.


Costs and expenses

In addition to the professional fees charged for legal services rendered, we also invoice for certain costs and expenses incurred in the handling of your case.

Any costs paid in advance by us on your behalf such as, court costs, costs charged by court bailiffs, translation costs, or costs arising from the assistance of specialist advisors ... are passed on to the client without any additional charge.

Routine administrative costs such as typing, phone calls, faxes, or displacement costs,... are charged at a standard rate.



Except for debt collection files, the services provided and the costs incurred are being charged monthly (unless there were practically no services rendered during the past month).

Payment of our invoices is due within 15 days of the date of invoice.