Trius Advocaten

Our name hasn’t been chosen by accident

You don’t mince your words and you except your legal advisers to do the same.  
Thus, no theoretical considerations but pragmatic solutions.  No vain promises, but honest advice and last but not least clear arrangements regarding fees and expenses incurred in the handling of your case.

That no-nonsense approach is characteristic of the Trius lawyers.  Specialized business lawyers drawing up airtight contracts and assuring a smooth settlement of disputes .  Rather than merely giving advice they proactively analyse with the client as a partner.

Our name hasn’t been chosen by accident.  So as to assure you of our excellent advice and optimal assistance, we combine law (ius) with three (tres) of our assets : specialized, no-nonsense and proactive.

For legal advice, for the drafting of your contracts, for the promotion of your interests in case of disputes : contact us for an exploratory talk.